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Chasing The Wind Down

The Harvest Moon waning in the Western sky

hints of pink and purple hue.

Search for the spirit of things I am told,

like chasing the wind down.

Ludwig’s Piano Cto #3 Seriusly playing.

Eagle flying into the dawn,

carrying spirit upon her wings,

like chasing the wind down.

Smokeless, cloudless cerulean sky

as only the Big Sky can be, over

space upon space. Room for spirit to roam,

like chasing the wind down.

A mist rises off Brown's Lake,

fades and fuses with the day.

Ah, surely this is spirit,

like chasing the wind down.

Aspen leaves are turning in their fashion,

a splendid display of spirit, quaking,

a prayer from the spirit of things

chasing the wind down.

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